Grade F cut 9.0cm diameter

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Catalogue # F9000
Comparable To Ahlstrom 1510-0900
Thomas Brand 1229A99
Filters/Pack 100
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Whatman: n/a
Pall: n/a
Millipore: n/a
Ahlstrom: 1510-090

Grade F - Fine porosity, medium flow rate, with a 0.7m size particle retention. Frequently used with Grade D to filter diluted aqueous solutions containing strong oxidizing, acidic, or alkaline components prior to laser spectroscopy. May also be used for TCLP analysis and collecting extremely fine precipitated proteins, including immunoglobulins. Binderless borosilicate glass microfiber. 
Competitive Equivalents:
Whatman: 1825-090
Pall: n/a
Millipore: n/a
Ahlstrom: 1510-090