Grade CFP43 Cellulose filter paper, cut 7.0cm dia.

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Catalogue # CFP43-070
Filters/Pack 100
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Quantitative cellulose filter papers are primarily used in gravimetric analysis procedures and perform separations by entrapping particulate within the random matrix of cellulose fibers within the depth of the media. This media family is also widely used in methods to prepare samples for further testing using many types of instrumentation.

These ashless filter papers are manufactured from refined pulp and linters. They are acid washed and have an extremely low ash content of <0.01%.

CFP43: Positioned as an intermediate within the quantitative cellulose family, this grade demonstrates medium retention (15-17┬Ám) and flow rates. It is ideal for gravimetric analysis of soil samples, surface water testing procedures and used in air sample monitoring equipment.