Grade CFP4 Cellulose filter paper, cut 18.5cm dia.

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Catalogue # CFP4-185-2
Comparable To Ahlstrom 6310-1850
Filters/Pack 50
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Qualitative cellulose filter papers perform separation by entrapping particulate within the random matrix of cellulose fibers within the depth of the media. This media is widely used in methods requiring the determination and identification of particulate in both liquids and gas. Also this natural fiber filter paper is commonly used to clarify liquid samples.

CFP4: The fastest flow rate demonstrated by any of the qualitative cellulose filter media’s resulting in a low retention rate of approximately 20-26µm. Very commonly used as the first media in a multi-stage filtration process. Ideally suited for use in organic extractions and biological fluid separation processes. Often specified in air monitoring applications where the entrapment of fine particulate is not required