Grade CFP1 cellulose filter paper, cut 7.0cm dia.

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Catalogue # CFP1-070
Comparable To Ahlstrom 6010-0700
Whatman 1001-070
Filters/Pack 100
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Qualitative cellulose filter papers perform separation by entrapping particulate within the random matrix of cellulose fibers within the depth of the media. This media is widely used in methods requiring the determination and identification of particulate in both liquids and gas. Also this natural fiber filter paper is commonly used to clarify liquid samples.

CFP1: Very widely used filter media demonstrating a retention of approximately 11┬Ám and medium flow rate. Used in a broad range of laboratory and environmental applications, this media is ideally suited in separating lead sulfate, calcium carbonate and calcium oxalate precipitates. This media is the standard for agricultural procedures such as soil and seed sample testing. Also, it is commonly used as a separation media in the food and beverage industry to extract liquids from solid samples. Due to the consistent bright white color of this media, it is ideal for photometric stain intensity measurement of air samples. The media can also be impregnated with reagents for use in quantifying optical reflectance in gas detection procedures.