Compact MQ-Pack 1 (RO & Distilled Feed)

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Catalogue # AMCQP0101
Comparable To Millipore CPMQ004R1
Filters/Pack 1
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This purification pack is designed for use in Millipore's Compact Milli-Q water purification systems that are being fed with RO or distilled feed water.

The HP-Pack 1 contains activated carbon to remove dissolved organics, nuclear-grade ion-exchange resins to remove trace inorganic ions to 18 megohm·cm resistivity, organic scavenger resins to remove trace organics to 10ppb or less.

Specifications Flow Rate:
Flow Rate: 2 lpm
Dynamic Capacity : 1,700 Grains NaCl

Expected Change out : ever 3-6 months depending on feed water quality and application.
Recommended Shelf Life : 1 year (refrigerated)