Capsule Filter, 0.22 micron absolute , 1/4" NPT inlet/outlet

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Catalogue # AMCFF0801
Comparable To Millipore MPGL10ZW1
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0.22 Micron Absolute Capsule Filter 1/4" NPT x 1/4" NPT

Connections: 1/4" NPT x 1/4" NPT

Designed for the complete removal of bacteria from water or cell Culture Media. This device is a dual layer membrane final filter with a 1.0 micron prefilter and a 0.22 micron absolute filter for a much longer life then standard 0.22 micron single layer filters. When used properly this cartridge can produce water suitable for use in critical applications such as HPLC, Mammalian Cell Culture, Semi-Conductors, Pharmaceutical uses and laboratory use.

Specifications: Pore Size: 0.22 Micron Absolute. Max Flow Rate: 12 l.p.m. Connections: 1/4' NPT x 1/4' NPT