Organic Scavenger Cartridge

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Catalogue # ABCOS1801
Comparable To Barnstead D5021
Filters/Pack 1
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Removes trace organic contaminants from water.

Comparable to Barnstead D0820.

Removes trace organic contamination from water.

Comparable to Barnstead D0820 Organic Removal Cartridge.

This filtration cartridge is designed to provide organic free water while maintaining the water at up to 18.2 megohm/cm. When used in proper combination this cartridge can produce water suitable for use in critical applications such as HPLC, Mammalian Cell Culture, Semi-Conductors, Pharmaceutical uses and laboratory use.
Cartridges feature all polypropylene construction and are designed to fit any NANOpure, E-pure, B-pure, PCS, Bantam holder or cooling loop system