Macroporous & Organic Removal Cartridge

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Catalogue # ABCCO1801
Comparable To Barnstead D0835
Filters/Pack 1
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Removes organic and charged particles from water.

Comparable to Barnstead D0835.

Removes Organic and other contamination from water.
Comparable to Barnstead D0835 Macroporous/Organic Removal Filter.

This filter is used to removed coloidal silt (charged particulates) in water. This can increade the life of other filters by removing particulates that would otherwise plug the downstream flters. In addition, this filter can remove chlorine and large moucular weight organic compounds to product ultra high purity water.
All polypropylene construction.
Designed to fit any NANOpure, E-Pure or B-Pure system.
Resin Types: macroreticular, organic